The world of writing for me:

Each writer has their own reasons for doing what they do, but all have one common reason and that is a very simple one: We have a passion for writing.

But there are so many other reasons for doing what we do and these are just a couple of my personal reasons for the passion I have for this art form.

Writing is an escape from reality, from the real world and the problems one may have in them. It can be an escape for a few hours. It can also be a way in which to deal with stress and problems that you have. For me, if I have a situation I just don’t know how to tackle, I write for a while, allow myself to get lost in something fun and creative and draw my mind’s attention off of that problem. Once the stress is gone, I find that I can tackle the issue I had. Another thing I find writing helps me with is anger. If I am angry, I channel that anger into whatever it is I’m writing and just feel it ebbing away. In short, writing for me is a great form of therapy. It allows me to leave behind my reality, conjure up fantastical stories and just get lost in the world that’s been created.

It’s something that is addictive once you start and it’s a good addiction to have. Once you start writing and you get your first bit of positive praise, there is just something that sparks inside of you and you have to carry on writing. You push yourself to improve and then begin the wonderful journey of discovering which genres appeal to you most and which ones you excel at when writing.

For me writing is just such a beautiful outward expression of the inner soul’s thoughts. Just like a painter paints to express his or her thoughts, so a writer puts pen to paper and brings to life their thoughts. Some may be beautiful and others not. Some may be happy and others not, some may be acceptable and others not, but it is a way for me to get out what I feel needs to be put out into the world. I believe that, if writers did not write to release all that creativity they held inside them, they’d explode or it would die out and they’d be left feeling hollow.

In short, writing for me is my way of expressing what I feel or bringing to life the fantastical ideas I have, my way of being able to share with the world what I see and how I see things, although, I am only just starting to share my ideas with the world. Writing also helps boosts one’s confidence and helps them to believe in themselves.


Writing isn’t easy,  you don’t have creativity flowing all the time. There are so many times that walls are reached and hit and it can be the most frustrating thing in the world when all you want to do is write but cannot overcome that block. But, when you do and you write and it flows so well, it is the most rewarding feeling.


When that creative spark hits and you write until you cannot carry on because your hands are sore, your eyes are burning and you are absolutely exhausted, more often than not, the tales created are worth every bit of  aches, pains and exhaustion endured in conjuring them.

So, do you have a passion for writing too? What’s your reasons for writing?

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