First steps


Taking that first step in just about anything can either be the most easiest thing in the world or the most difficult. It can be exciting or it can be scary, or maybe it’s a combination of both.

It is a often a step into the unknown, a step down a path that you are not familiar with but, you know that at the end of the road lies the goal, the reward, the prize that was strong enough to make you take that first step to begin with. Many of suffer from that negative ‘What if’ syndrome when we think about taking the first step that will take us towards our dream.

What if they hate it?

What if I get bad reviews?

What if I’m not as good as I think I am or as my family and friends make me out to be?

What if I do this and it completely backfires on me or I fail at it?

What if it’s not all I thought it would be?

There are a million and one ‘What if’ questions to ask ourselves and it’s these questions that hinder us, hold us back. They feed on the insecurities and the fear, amplify it all and that’s how they keep the dreamers from achieving their dreams; essentially these questions are the monsters that clip the wings of dreamers.


I have been a victim of that very monster for a long time and, still to this day, I have doubts about a lot of things but I am working on getting away from that, trying to not let the ‘What if’ monster bring me down so much. Unfortunately, for some, it is a monster that cannot be vanquished from our lives completely but, we can find a way to keep it at bay.

The one thing that helps the most is having yourself surrounded by people who believe in you, in what you can do; even if you don’t quite believe in yourself. For many of us, we are our own worst critics. We never believe that what we create is good enough, never believe that it can become something great but, there is one thing we have to remind ourselves of:


And that is the truth of it all. We all start somewhere. We’re all beginners. No one is born with the expertise of what they want to do in life, no one wakes up one day and just suddenly knows how to do what they’ve always wanted to do. No, everyone starts with that first step. Sometimes, that first step is a leap. Yes, it’s going into the unknown, more often than not, but as long as we have the support around us to keep us going, to make us see that we can do this, that fear of being in the unknown can quite quickly turn into excitement and excitement fuels the drive to make our way down the unknown path, to face everything head on.

It’s not easy, it never truly is, but if it were so easy to reach one’s goal, their dream, well, it wouldn’t as rewarding and surreal when we do achieve it.

So, take that first step. Even if it is just acknowledging that you want to follow your dream, telling yourself “I want to be/do…”

After that, you can can either take one really big step or you can:


But, to start your journey, all you need to do is take…that…first…step.


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