Everyone has dreams in life, goals they wish to reach, things to tick off of a bucket list. Unfortunately, many of us suffer with a lack of ambition or, our ambition and drive to achieve these goals and dreams is drained away by our fears or others telling us we are not capable of doing or achieving what we want.
Just a little note to remind you that anything can be achieved if we just have ambition, drive, and believe that we are able to do it:
Always put your fears behind you and your dreams in front of you.
A little note that I myself need to take heed of because I am one who can quickly become demotivated by fear and lack of confidence in myself. When you feel that fear creeping up to feed on your ambition, or someone passes a comment that makes you doubt your abilities or ignites that fear you have…just remember this quote.
Our fears belong behind us, ignored and kept at bay, and our dreams belong before us the shining light that keeps us walking  forward, keeps us on the path to achieving what we desire.
Never let your ambition fade.

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