Damsels of Distress – Anthology project

So, as you can tell from my featured image on this blog entry, I am hoping to have a story I am writing become part of an Anthology series entitled “Damsels of Distress.”

I absolutely love the title of this project. 

I am not yet finished with my piece but the due date is only October 1st. Yes, I know, not that far off but I plan to have the story finished by the end of August so that I can edit in in the month of September and then submit it by the end of the September month. 

Why do I love the name of this project? I think the better question to ask is, who doesn’t? 



It’s all about women who are just bad ass in so many ways, Damsels that are not IN distress, but rather ones who BRING distress. You won’t find a Damsel here that needs saving, she can look after herself. 

So, I am very excited to be writing for this anthology and I thank my dear friend, Kerry Lee Holder for giving me this lead. She is a writer too and her story can be found in the book linked below: 

So, here is a little teaser from the story I plan to submit to the ‘Damsels of Distress’ Anthology. It isn’t all excitement just yet but, hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it nonetheless:

… “Mr. Archer, we do apologize for keeping you waiting.”

John shot up from his chair when an elderly man entered the room, dressed in a fine tailored suit and sporting a warm, apologetic smile. He was a tall man, broad shouldered with ash blonde hair and blue eyes, his features hard and sharp. He extended a hand to John who quickly wiped a clammy palm on the side of his cheap suit jacket and shook the man’s hand.

“Oh, it’s no problem at all,” John replied, his New York accent just as prominent as the British one the man possessed. “And may I say that it is a pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. Mitchell.”

Yes, despite John working for Mr. Mitchell, he had never actually met his boss. All correspondence had been done via email or through one of Mr. Mitchell’s ‘advisors’ because he was a very busy man. It took a lot of time getting established in a new city and making a name for oneself and it wasn’t the first time that John had an arrangement like this with a boss. The man’s smile faltered and confusion set in upon his features as he moved to take up his position to the right side just behind the desk John had been seated across from.

“You are Mr. Mitchell…aren’t you?” John asked, his body that had relaxed slightly at the warm welcome of the tall man now tensing again as John slowly slipped back down into his seat.

“Mr. Archer I- “

“I am Bailey Mitchell, Mr. Archer and it would be Miss. Mitchell.”

John shot up from the chair once more and spun around on his heel. His dark eyes sought out the woman whom had spoken and he felt his jaw grow slack and eyes widen considerably as he stared at the short figure of…a girl.

Bailey Mitchell was a girl, not a woman, a girl. John stood there, completely gob smacked as the young thing came walking towards him, two well-dressed men on either side of her, much like the man who had entered before, but both giving off that ‘don’t fuck with me’ aura. Bailey looked to be fifteen at most, perhaps younger. She had dark brown hair that was tied back in a neat bun, soft, milky skin, a small nose, full lips and big green eyes all nestled within a heart shaped face that all gave her the appearance of a sweet, innocent child that knew nothing of the evils in this world, a pure soul, one not tainted by the corruption. But, had Johnny boy been looking hard enough, he would have seen wisdom in those green eyes that no fifteen-year-old girl could possibly possess.

“You may close your mouth Mr. Archer,” Bailey stated in a casual manner…

Bailey is a character that I am still building in my head but, hopefully, she will prove that she is definitely no damsel in distress but rather a harbinger of it. 

Feedback is always welcome and appreciated. 


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