Wicked Tides

It’s complete! It is finally complete and submitted and I feel relieved, excited, nervous but most of all…accomplished.

A while back I posted that I was writing a story for an Anthology series entitled “Damsels of Distress.” I was excited about working on a story for the anthology and had an idea immediately pop into my mind for the anthology. And so, I set to work on it. About a week into the writing, of this story, I felt like it just wasn’t flowing the way I wanted it to, not moving in the direction I had initially envisioned. So, I took a step back.

Whilst at the gym one day, wrapped up in music and cycling like there was no tomorrow, a fresh, new idea hit me and it just felt right. Something about it called to me, called to something in my soul and told me that this was the idea,¬†this¬†was the story that had to be written. And so, I scrapped the week’s worth of work and started over.

Everything flowed perfectly, the story wrote itself, transferred from the ramblings in my mind onto the document, eagerly brought to life by rapidly moving fingers across the keyboard of my laptop.

Unfortunately, I have a mind that gets easily distracted and I did not work on my story every day like I wanted to. Distractions and exhaustion from long days at work were my two challenges that I faced.

But, in the end, I managed to submit the story after some light editing, on the very day it was due. Today, October 1st 2017 (which just happens to be Matthew Daddario’s 30th birthday and isn’t that just a happy coincidence?)

The story is entitled “Wicked Tides” and I am hoping that it will make the cut. But, even if it doesn’t, I am thankful for this experience because it has helped me to progress a little more as a writer, helped me to work on setting goals and committing to working towards a deadline.

I just have to work on not getting so easily distracted.


Thank you to all those that support me and have faith in me and encourage me every day to keep at it, to not back down or give up. You are all amazing.

Here’s to holding thumbs and hoping good news comes my way.



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