Wicked Tides


The strange and unusual exist in the world. Humankind is unable to perceive it or choose not to. But it is there.

Hayden Parker is one of those that not only sees the strange and unusual but is very much a part of that world hidden behind a veil. Working for the Illuminati, Hayden is sent on a mission to a small town where a creature, thought to exist only in the pages of fictitious tales of old, has made its appearance once more. The mission is simple: Locate and exterminate.

But simple is not the order of the day for Wicked Tides bring in more sinister things.


This is the story which had been submitted for the Damsels of Distress Anthology call in October. The story was perfect for the collection, as per the email received in response to my submission, however, it could not be accepted due to the large volume of submissions received.  

So I have decided to place this piece on my Wattpad page for those who were eager to read it. I enjoyed writing this piece and I do hope people enjoy reading it. I will be doing daily updates, posting each chapter up, until the piece is complete. 

The link to the story can be found below: 



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