The road so far…

Yes, I swiped the phrase from Supernatural but, can you blame me? Those four little words are really catchy and are perfect to be used when wanting to discuss a rather awesome journey and for me, that is exactly what the NaNoWriMo challenge has been so far.

Day five of the challenge and I am honestly surprised by my ability thus far to not only meet the target of 1667 words a day but to actually go above and beyond that target every day since I started on November 1st with my best day being today.  See the stats below:


Wow! 3859 words written in total this morning. Granted, I feel I wrote a heck of a lot slower today than I did yesterday – considering it took me only about an hour yesterday to get over 3k words – but this total of 3859 words was better than my first day of 3176 and, not only that, I managed to go just over my goal of 15 000 words and bring in 15 019. What makes me so happy about this is that it’s only day five and I’ve already written so many words.

Sure, there are others that could probably smash 15k words in a day or even two but, what makes me so proud of this is because this is my first year doing the challenge and I’m already amazed at my ability to be able to sit down every day and write my story. I was worried that I’d get distracted easily from my writing. I was worried that I wouldn’t meet the simple word count of  1667 words a day and then I’d start getting aggravated with myself and the self-doubt would throw itself in there and I’d feel like I wouldn’t be able to catch up and, well you get it. It would just be a snowball effect of negativity that would, eventually, lead to me giving up on the challenge altogether.

But, the road so far has been absolutely amazing and I’ve shown myself over and over again that I can do this. And with each day that passes, I grow a little more confident and a lot more excited to see where the story goes and how it develops. Granted, there are times, like today, that what I’ve written sounds like utter nonsense and that a part of me feels could be done better or even left out completely. But I remind myself that this story I’m writing, it’s only the first draft. I can go back and change and edit the story once I’m done writing. For now, I just have to get the story down, get it out of my head and worry about which part should go where after the challenge. It’s not always easy telling my brain that, not always easy telling myself that this story is also a good one and that it isn’t all nonsense and it is DEFINITELY not easy trying to reassure a heart and mind that are plagued by self-doubt on some level that every writer started at the bottom and worked their way up. Writing is something that people who do it are always learning from it. Writers only get better the more they write.

In a nutshell, my experience so far in my first year doing NaNoWriMo has been an amazing one. I’ve surprised myself which, in turn, has motivated me even more. I’ve met some amazing people thus far in this challenge, found myself part of a community where everyone supports each other and urges each other on, always giving positive feedback, providing strength when it is needed and motivation.

Will I do this challenge again? The answer is simple:


I have no doubt I’ll have another story lined up for next year’s challenge. It may be a book two to go with the current story or it may be completely different story. I can already feel the buzz in the back of my mind that’s working on ideas for next year.

Oh, how I love writing!

Time for a much-needed break for today and here’s wishing all that are participating in the challenge good luck for the remaining days ahead.

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