Mission Accomplished

Yes, yes, yes!

The first year doing the NaNoWriMo challenge and I achieved the goal of 50 000 words and, what makes it even better is that I managed to achieve it in just 21 days of writing!

I reached the 50 000 words mark on 21 November 2017 and boy I was absolutely thrilled by that. I will be honest and say that this challenge was daunting when I first decided to do it and there was definitely a voice in the back of my head screaming:


And there was a valid reason for that. I’d never, in my life, done a challenge like this. Yes, I’ve written a lot of words in all the time I’ve been writing and, at some point, I probably did write 50 000 words or more but, that was probably over the space of a few months, not a single month. And yet, I have proven to myself that I can actually do it if I sit down and focus and write every day. And I haven’t done 10 000 words in one day, no, I wrote a maximum of 2000 words every day, always staying ahead of the minimum word count and I achieved my goal and I am thoroughly impressed with myself for that.

Needless to say that there is going to be a lot of editing happening in the coming months for my story that I’ve written because, looking back in my mind, I already know there are many parts in that make me cringe and can definitely use a bit of work. But, I’m looking forward to that.

I am still working on the novel, still writing for the remaining days of the challenge and currently sitting on 56 156 words. The story itself has come to a natural stopping point as of today, so I am currently working on throwing together ideas that have sparked off for potential scenes that should make an appearance in the revised edition of the first draft and am going to work on doing revised ideas already for the story so I have them ready for replacing those I feel need replacing. Why am I still participating in the challenge you may ask.


I want to complete the challenge for the entire month. I want to get that little badge that tells me I updated every day for an entire month. At the moment I’m not worried about word goals for each day because, I’ve achieved the 50 000 words so I don’t write over 2000 words, well, I haven’t at least since yesterday. And that’s okay with me. As long as I get some words down for the last few days of this challenge then I am happy and it is all on ideas for the edited version of my first draft.

What’s my plan from here? Well, once the challenge is over, I am going to leave editing of the story, for the month of December at least, as I will have two short stories I’m going to be working on, as mentioned in an earlier post, for the Twisted 3 series and I am definitely looking forward to working on those and I know I can get them done before their due date next year January. Because, if I can knock out 50 000 words in three weeks, then 20 000 words (10 000 words a piece for both stories I plan on writing), is going to be a breeze. So, I will be writing those in December and using the month to also edit the stories before I send them in.

So, editing of my novel written for this NaNo challenge will take place in the new year along with plans for the second novel in the series. I already have scenes for that story written down on a new document. I will hopefully have that story a little more fleshed out by the time the NaNo challenge of 2018 comes around so I can write another 50 000 words.

Once again, I just want to give a big shout out to all of those in my life that have been supportive during this challenge, encouraged and praised me through this month. It has been because of that I haven’t given up. Also, to the wonderful, amazing NaNo people I’ve met and shared a good few laughs with on the Snapchat group that was formed, you are all absolutely amazing and you have also been a big part of the encouragement to keep going.

To those that are still writing and haven’t reached the goal yet. Keep at it. You can do it!

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