Time Has Come

So, another story was written, and another story was not accepted.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to break down into one of these moments:


and go on a tangent about how life is terrible, that I’ll never amount to anything etc.

Oh no, that is definitely not what this post is for. No, this post is to share the good news that, the story is now available to read on my Wattpad page.


Time Has Come

Yes, I will admit I was a little disheartened by the fact that I had submitted yet another story and that yet another story was not accepted. But, then I reminded myself that this is all good experience for me and that I have two more stories lined up once the NaNo challenge is done (even though I reached my 50k words, I’m still writing for that).

I told myself that I would post any submissions made that were not accepted to my Wattpad and Inkitt pages respectively so that I can get my writing out there. Get other people reading it, get feedback on it and improve my writing from the feedback I got. This is a big deal for me because, as mentioned on an earlier post, before I actually had my first story put on Amazon, no one – save a select few – got to read anything I wrote. Now putting stories out and submitting stories for anthologies and writing for challenges, it’s all new territory and out of my comfort zone.

But, how else is a writer supposed to grow if they never let people read what they’ve written?

So, this was really just a short piece to let you all know my short story entitled ‘Time Has Come’ is on my Wattpad page. I’d appreciate anyone giving it a read and providing feedback on it and constructive criticism.

It is now after ten pm on the 28th of November. I think I should sleep.


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