New Story? New Story

New story?

New Story…

Well, there’s always new stories brewing in my head. My mind, for the most part, is bombarded by the cacophony of character voices, all yelling over one another trying to get my attention, each of them desperate to get out. Sometimes, it’s a little overwhelming and leads to me trying to shut them all out so I can think about something other than writing for them all – at least when I’m at work – and even though I do manage to silence them for a while, there is always one or two that manage to slip out. But, they are not screaming at me then. No, they’re little whispers in my mind and boy, can I tell you that more often than not, those whispered ones hit you with the biggest wave of creativity.

And that is the case with this particular character.

Writing for this particular character was inspired by watching a show. It wasn’t the character that the actor portrayed but rather the appearance of the actor himself that sparked it off. Yes, the character he portrayed was indeed inspirational and urged that whisper in my mind to grow a little louder, but it all started with his appearance.

One feature, in particular, grabbed my attention:

Killian Eyes.PNG

The eyes.

I began to write a few little pieces for him, to get a bit of a story going for him and it really took, becoming an instant favorite of mine to write for and the creativity just flowed like wine. So, I began to jot down some notes for him, began to do a bit of a character profile and then jotted down ideas for storylines.

The ideas I had were good, but, I needed a little help so I spoke with my dear friend and fellow aspiring writer. I’ve mentioned her before, her Twitter UN being @ThatNerdyNewt. I needed some advice and gave her the basics and some of the ideas. And just like that, one talk with her and the floodgates opened bringing down ideas that were better than the originals, some completely different, others just upgraded versions of the original ones tossed her way. Needless to say that the excitement for writing this character’s story quadrupled!

And this is why she and I are working together on a book series together. We work so well together, exchanging ideas, supporting each other, developing characters. We are just an AWESOME dynamic duo.

The reason for this post is to tease the new story I will be writing and announcing it.

A teaser has already been given of what the character would look like with those striking blue eyes. But what of his name?

Well, that is definitely something I’d be happy to give.

Killian Thorne.jpg

Yes, Killian Thorne and I have never loved a character name more than I have loved this one.

Teasers that I can give you without giving away too much:

Name: Killian Thorne

Age: 24

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

He’s a charmer but, there are complexities beneath his charming persona and definitely more to him than just a handsome face.

I am still working on the story outline for him and developing his character a little more but I am so excited to be writing this character.

And, I may, in fact, be participating in the Camp NaNoWriMo this April if I can get the story outline and character development done by then.

At this point, I am not sure if his story will be done as a novel or just a little novella, I’ll only really know that once I start writing.

So, when I do start writing his story, I’ll be doing more blog posts giving little teasers of the story as it progresses.

Watch this space…

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